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We Can Do Better


I love Chilliwack. It's HOME to me and my family.

Chilliwack is a great city with a strong sense of community and many amazing facilities and services. 


We also have our challenges due to our rapid growth. 

Our City is doing a good job. I believe we can do BETTER.

I've thought long and hard about running for public office.

People who know me well aren't surprised - it makes sense to them.

For the people of Chilliwack who don't know me, this is why you should vote for me on October 15th:

vision pic_edited.jpg
  • There is a lot more work to be done and I'm a hard worker.

  • I'm tenacious and a problem-solver.

  • I have energy, empathy and a passion to make Chilliwack a better place for families.

  • I'm a leader and a team player and I believe that together we can achieve incredible things for this amazing city.

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